Dumb & Dumber: 12 Funniest Moments in the Original Movie


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Dumb and Dumber is arguably Jim Carrey’s greatest comedic efficiency, and the Canadian comic isn’t even the film’s sole protagonist! Acting alongside actor-musician Jeff Daniels, the endlessly quotable comedy from the Farrelly brothers (Me, Myself & Irene, There’s Something About Mary) follows Lloyd Christmas (Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Daniels) as they drive over 2,000 miles to return a suitcase to the woman of their goals, only to get rejected ultimately. It’s one of the best road trip motion pictures out there, and the film’s premise gave the right house for Carrey to showcase his A-list comedian abilities.

“They say it’s the most pirated comedy in Chinese historical past,” co-director Peter Farrelly once advised Collider about Dumb and Dumber. “They say there are zillions of them floating round in China. It did develop in stature, through the years, too. When they got here out, the evaluations weren’t really nice. Some have been, however most weren’t. Pauline Kael from the New Yorker came out of retirement to write down a evaluation and raved. I bear in mind other critics noted that and had been like, ‘Maybe this isn’t so bad.'”

With stable motivations, terrific appearing, a seemingly infinite supply of comedic setpieces and relatable characters, Dumb and Dumber is probably one of many funniest motion pictures of all time. See beneath for an inventory of the movie’s funniest moments, listed in a generally chronological order.


“It’s OK! I’m the limo driver!”

carrey-limo-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

First, we expect he is a school professor. Then, we understand he is only a limo driver. And earlier than lengthy, Lloyd is not even employed. In Dumb and Dumber’s first act, the whole sequence of Lloyd driving Mary to the airport and dropping her off is hilarious as he tries to hit it off together with her. And it all involves a head when he discovers she left her briefcase in the terminal after dropping her off, so he races via the airport and truly finds her gate — by some miracle. But there is a catch: The plane has already taken off. Before flashing his badge to an airport worker (thinking it permits Lloyd to enter any location as he pleases), Lloyd races to the airplane — that’s no longer parked at the airport. “Fell off the jetway again,” Lloyd later tells Harry.

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“I was robbed by a candy old woman on a motorized cart.”

carrey-hat-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

Nothing beats that ridiculously massive cowboy hat Lloyd buys himself when he is out getting groceries — after getting fired, of course. As he walks together with his seemingly wasteful purchases, Lloyd by chance leaves his pockets inside a newspaper dispenser. He then asks a “candy outdated woman” to observe his stuff while he goes to break a dollar for change. The woman isn’t so “sweet” as she takes off with Lloyd’s issues. Perhaps it didn’t help that Lloyd previously insulted her demographic as “sluggish and harmful behind the wheel.”

“You offered my lifeless fowl to a blind kid?”

carrey-daniels-van-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

The kickoff of Lloyd and Harry’s highway trip quickly follows. As they’re cruising along, Harry notices Lloyd snacking (aggressively) on one thing. Harry scolds Lloyd, reminding him that they’re “on a really tight budget.” Harry finally gets it out of him that Lloyd got the additional cash by selling their “useless bird to a blind child” — AKA their neighbor at the apartment they formerly shared. In Dumb and Dumber’s third act, we see younger Billy being interviewed in regards to the scandal on A Current Affair.

Lloyd’s Fantasy

carrey-holly-dumb-dumber-1994-new-lina-cinema New Line Cinema

Later through the road journey, it’s Lloyd’s flip to drive whereas Harry sleeps — so you already know there’s going to be trouble. The movie is titled Dumb and Dumber, and it is safe to say Lloyd is “Dumber” when you had to choose. But God bless him, as his intentions are good (most of the time). While driving alongside, Lloyd finds himself day-dreaming (at night). The elaborate dream sequence is outrageous in each regard, particularly that fight scene with the chef…

Car Ride with Joe

carrey-starr-daniels-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

Also in the course of the road journey west to Aspen, Lloyd and Harry decide up a hitchhiker. But it is no odd hitchhiker — it is Joe “Mental,” the mobster who’s trying to kill them. In one the film’s most memorable scenes, Lloyd and Harry drive Joe absolutely “mental” with a sport of tag (inside the van), a terrible track rendition… and “the most annoying sound on the planet.” Mental’s infuriated reactions are simply priceless.

“Pills are good!”

carrey-daniels-starr-diner-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

Speaking of Joe — once they lastly touch down on a diner for some food along the greatest way, Mental confirms to his boss he is prepared to put “rat poison of their Shirley Temple” in an effort to take Lloyd and Harry out of the image and retrieve the briefcase full of cash. Dumb and Dumber is stacked with hilarious one-liners, but at the finish of the day, the movie’s slapstick moments are maybe the most memorable. This contains what occurs in the diner with those “atomic peppers” being served. First, Lloyd and Harry strive the peppers, and they go ballistic from the warmth. Then, it is Joe’s flip — though it is towards his will, as Lloyd and Harry tricked Mental in consuming them. And then they have to keep away from wasting his life, which they fail at, miserably. One highlight: “This woud be a lot easier should you’d just hold nonetheless,” says Lloyd as he tries to provide Joe CPR.

“I can get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog.”

carrey-daniels-scooter-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

Later, through the cross-country highway journey, Lloyd makes an epic wrong turn, causing them to “drive almost a sixth of the method in which throughout the country in the wrong direction.” As they (temporarily) half methods, Harry tries to hitchhike, whereas Lloyd sneaks off to sell the van in change for a tiny scooter. Was Lloyd impressed by that motorized cart being driven by the “sweet previous woman” who robbed him earlier? Or was this just a bonehead move that Harry by some means finds brilliant? Either method, it’s hysterical seeing Lloyd try to drive the factor on the freeway.

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Lloyd Gets Ready For the “Ball”

carrey-daniels-tuxedos-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

After a scuffle through the street trip, the briefcase by chance opens and reveals a whole lot of money. By then, Harry and Lloyd are already in Aspen, their supposed destination, so that they set up shop in a luxurious lodge utilizing the dough. It’s there that Harry reads in the newspaper (since Lloyd cannot read) that Lloyd’s love curiosity Mary will be attending an upcoming gala. In impact, Lloyd will get prepared for the “ball,” Cinderella-style, and we see the hilarious process ensue during a enjoyable montage reduce to “Pretty Woman” on the soundtrack.

Lloyd Waits for Mary at the Bar

carrey-bar-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

At the gala with Mary, Lloyd will get false hope that Harry has set him up on a date with the love of his life. We find out later that Harry duped Lloyd purposefully as a result of exhausting emotions relationship back to Harry’s prior love interest — who also had a secret fling with Lloyd, as it turns out. So, Harry pulls a quick one and tells Lloyd to satisfy Mary at a neighborhood bar at 10 a.m. Lloyd waits and waits, getting progressively more intoxicated as a random girl (who seems to be a federal agent) sits subsequent to him and vents about her personal love quarrels. They say that “half of appearing is reacting,” and Carrey’s mannerisms throughout this bar scene are priceless. Then, on his means out, Lloyd is dumbstruck when he sees a dated newspaper clipping, framed on the wall, reporting that “we landed on the moon!” Talk about clueless!

Harry’s Tongue Gets Stuck to the Pole

daniels-holly-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

OK, perhaps this scene is probably the most memorable. Harry’s tongue getting stuck on a chairlift pole along an Aspen ski mountain was all round the trailers that promoted the film’s theatrical release back in ’94. The gimmick is universally appreciated humor for all ages. You’d assume, out of the pair, it’d be Lloyd getting himself into such a predicament. So, it is exponentially funnier that it’s the slightly extra smart Harry’s tongue getting stuck. A comparable state of affairs occurred within the vacation basic A Christmas Story, with Ralphie’s pal getting his tongue stuck to a pole on faculty grounds. The Dumb and Dumber model of this physical-comedy joke is equally humorous.

Harry on the Toilet at Mary’s House

daniels-bathroom-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

Here’s one other slapstick moment centered on Harry’s misfortune. Once Lloyd discovers Harry duped him right into a non-existent date with Mary, he spikes Harry’s tea with laxatives — which kick in (to say the least) as soon as Harry arrives at Mary’s place. He rushes to the bathroom and unleashes probably the most terrifying of bowel movements, solely to discover instantly after the reality that the toilet is “damaged.” This whole sequence is laugh-out-loud humorous, with Daniels actually showing off his bodily comedy chops. The actor has since starred in countless dramas requiring severe performances, however Dumb and Dumber is a nice way to see a completely totally different side of the Emmy-winning actor.

Lloyd and Harry Turn Down Job Offer with Models

carrey-daniels-walking-dumb-dumber-1994-new-line-cinema New Line Cinema

Dumb and Dumber turns somewhat critical for a bit in its suspenseful climax, when Lloyd and Harry are taken hostage as quickly as the bad guys lastly observe them down. But then, the film concludes in perfect trend: with the two knuckleheads botching an ideal opportunity to turn their lives round and contribute to society. A coach bus pulls up as they walk alongside the freeway, with the doorways opening to beautiful models saying hi and offering them jobs to accompany them along their U.S. tour. Harry tells them, “You’re in luck,” and sends them two miles down the road, not getting the trace that the models wished their help. Then, there is a last glimmer of hope as Lloyd chases after the van — however instead of claiming, “Take us with you,” Lloyd says, “the town is back that method.” Oh, well…


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