‘Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Kinda Feel Left Out’s Cast & Director on the Family-Friendly Sundance Film


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Jake Van Wagoner’s second feature movie, Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Kinda Feel Left Out, made its debut at Sundance this yr, and introduced festival-goers to Itsy (played by Emma Tremblay), a teen woman beginning the school year in a brand new city. Harboring huge dreams to at some point work for the New York Times, Itsy believes this new begin in a small city could be the end of her world as she is aware of it. When a good friend suggests she enter a writing contest, Itsy’s world does change, however for the higher.

Based on a screenplay by Austin Everett, Aliens Abducted My Parents doesn’t maintain the standard coming-of-age tropes for lengthy. Hoping to cement her escape to NYC, Itsy decides to do an exposé on the town’s oddball, Calvin (Jacob Buster), whose fixation on outer area weirds out his friends. As it turns out, Calvin believes his dad and mom, played by Elizabeth Mitchell and Will Forte, were kidnapped by aliens when he was a baby, and he’s holding onto the hope that he’ll reconnect with them once more sometime.


For the movie’s world premiere at Sundance, Collider’s Steve Weintraub was capable of sit down with the writer, Austin Everett, director Wagoner, and cast members Forte, Mitchell, Tremblay, and Buster on the Collider Studio introduced by Saratoga Spring Water in Park City. During their interview, Wagoner justifies the movie’s lengthy title, the solid share what drew them to this family-friendly project, and Forte and Mitchell talk about how they got involved. They share the film’s surprisingly quick movie schedule, how they pulled off a Sundance movie on a budget, and what it was like getting those calls. Forte reveals details about his upcoming film, Coyote vs. Acme, with John Cena, Tremblay recollects her childhood roles alongside stars like Academy Award-winner Meryl Steep and Robert Downey Jr., and Buster shares what it was like shifting to New York for his function in Let the Right One In. You can watch the interview in the video above, or read the total transcript beneath.

Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out - Still 4 Image via Sundance

COLLIDER: Did you get any suggestions saying, “Hey, do you are feeling this strongly in regards to the lengthy title?”

WAGONER: For certain. The factor about it, though, is that when Austin pitched the film to me – Austin wrote the film, and when he pitched it to me, that’s all he mentioned, was the title. And I don’t know, I mean, that is the log line. You know every little thing about the movie from that. So, we have been like, “Well, we will not change it.” I imply, it sticks in your mind. So, folks have been like, “I do not know, possibly we workshop it somewhat bit.” But Austin and I actually have all the time been like, “No, that’s it. That’s the title.” We do not care in regards to the Steve’s of the world.

Right, or the websites and SEO of the world.

WAGONER: Right. I suppose, yes, that was a little bit of a misstep. So, perhaps we do care about that.

When you hear the title, you understand what the film is. So, congrats for being part of Sundance, but everybody watching won’t have seen the movie but. So, I guess, Austin or Jake, who desires to bite the bullet and explain how you’ve been describing the film to associates and family?

WAGONER: Austin does.

AUSTIN EVERETT: I begin with the title. I say, “Well, it’s a couple of boy who believes he noticed his mother and father get abducted by aliens, and he is not even mad about it. He’s just type of bummed that they didn’t take him with him. And then in walks Itsy, this lady from the big metropolis, who meets this boy, and so they share this comparable want, which is to get out of this small city and go and do something else. And that’s–

WAGONER: Spoiler.

WILL FORTE: Basically, every thing is a spoiler to a degree.

WAGONER: That’s true.

EMMA TREMBLAY: The title is a spoiler…

EVERETT: Everything aside from the title is a spoiler.

aliens-abducted-my-parents-cast Image by way of Photagonist

I’m a big fan of Will’s work.


And why would not you be? So, how often on set did you quote MacGruber or speak about MacGruber, or any of Will’s previous work?

WAGONER: Here’s the attractive factor. We made this film in such a quick amount of time that Will got here in and out in a blink of an eye, and we had 80 pages to shoot while he was there. So, there was so little time to quote MacGruber. But what I will say is that whereas we–

FORTE: There also have been plenty of kids.

WAGONER: I mean, it’s a youngsters film. But we went to his trailer once, and he showed us some scenes from the MacGruber TV present that hadn’t come out but. And that was the highlight of the film for me.

ELIZABETH MITCHELL: I heard you guys laughing.

One of the things about this movie although is it is appropriate for all ages. Anyone can watch it. And so for the actors, is that one of the issues that drew you to the project?

JACOB BUSTER: Yeah, I assume, for me, I loved that family-friendly facet, but I really feel like lots of those movies push aside feelings, which I really feel like plenty of children do really feel. But this one dives into that and dives into the loneliness, and actually exhibits kids that they’ve more to offer than simply the people around them and whether they’re there or not.

TREMBLAY: For me, it was the comedy of it. I’ve by no means carried out anything so comedic as this film, and I realized my flaw [is] that I cannot hold a still face in a scene. So, I ruined so many takes by laughing as a outcome of everyone right here is simply hilarious.

For you guys, what was it about the script or story that stated, “I wish to do that.”?

FORTE: I received to know Jake over 10 years ago, he was a PA on the movie Don Verdean, and there was a day that I think the schedule modified round. And so we ended up just walking across the streets of–

WAGONER: Tiniest little tiny town in Utah.

FORTE: And then, years later they invited me to do their show, he and Maclain [Nelson], referred to as Show Offs, and I grew to become associates with them. And then I got here and did Studio C, both of them for BYUtv. And so, at that time once we were doing Studio C, he said, “Do you wish to be a half of this movie?” I did not know anything in regards to the script at that time, I assume I just stated, “Yes.” Because these guys are great, and it was the expertise of working with them.

I’ve accomplished plenty of very dirty stuff in my life, and I just had youngsters, and he is very amazing at creating this very… it is a type of fresh absurdity that’s so fun and attention-grabbing. I actually have plenty of respect for it as a outcome of it’s exhausting for… You take away the dirtiness from stuff and sometimes, I do not know, I haven’t got much. So the fact that he can do such funny stuff in a clear way is very exhilarating. And I was just excited to be part of it. And I even have two little daughters now, so it’s fun to be in something they’ll watch.

MITHELL: Clean absurdity. Do you like that? That’s your new factor. You can describe your self that way.

EVERETT: I can hearken to you guys discuss this film all day. Great query.

MITCHELL: My good friend Bob known as and mentioned, “Do you wish to work with a few of the greatest guys on this business?” And I said, “Sure.” That was it. And then I read the script and it was so quirky and charming, and true and lovely, and I felt prefer it was a present.

You have a big scene. I would think about this is one of these items where you are out and in of this project, and you’ve got a giant scene in a diner, and I’m curious, what is it like if you’re stepping foot on set where everybody’s been taking pictures already, and you need to do all of it, everything about your character, in a short amount of time?

MITCHELL: Oh, I liked it. I mean, it was essentially the most welcoming set. You guys have been spectacular. I came to set, I got hugs, I got, “Oh my gosh, we’re so joyful you’re right here.” I heard “we’re so joyful you’re here” most likely 15 occasions with hugs, with, “What can I get you? Would you like to take a seat here?” And I was like, “This is good.” I really have a teenager at residence. I’m not treated like this. So, I thought it was great. And the character was so beautifully drawn. It felt like a joy.

One of the things I additionally appreciated is that Itsy’s mother and father are very supportive. It’s unusual. So, can you speak about that facet, if you want to discuss it?

TREMBLAY: Yeah, it was really fun to work with the dad and mom themselves, and then to additionally construct that relationship with them actually fast, too, as a outcome of they had been also in it and out of it pretty quickly. So, it was actually fun to get to know them, and then get to know Itsy and the way she has a lot range of what she will do. She will get grounded, after which she’s leaving because she’s never been grounded. She has her life to herself, and so they’re simply watching her. And so that made a movie.

WAGONER: I suppose, also, we needed to make the dad and mom really feel like ‘80s mother and father. We didn’t need the parents to be… The story’s about these two youngsters, and so we wished to have the mother and father be there as a lot as they wanted to be parental figures. But additionally, the thought was that the film’s in regards to the child. And so we’re letting them just come out and in, and be supportive, but additionally be a little bit aloof like we noticed in these ‘80s movies.

Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out - Still 5 Image via Sundance

Oh no, 100%.

EVERETT: And the mother and father simply love one another so much. They’re so obsessed with each other. A lot of the time they are on their very own, having their very own little journey. And we liked having mother and father that love one another, and they’re in their own little world. And that was fun for us, somewhat than having parents which are simply combating or having conflict on a regular basis. It felt pure to have these dad and mom be so excited about transferring to this small city, and doing the fixer-upper dream. So, that simply labored by itself.

I’m curious about the spacesuit and if you first noticed it, sporting it, and likewise the lab.

BUSTER: Yeah, so that spacesuit is pretty dang cool. It’s got tons and tons of layers, a bucket that was sawed out, so I could put my arms via that comes over and has little buttons on it. And then it was like a biker helmet that was painted, and that was fairly fun. Also, the goo, that was enjoyable, and I obtained so much… it was [Landry Townsend] that I received that all over. That was a very enjoyable scene. And that go nicely with was positively bodily comedy, I suppose is the best way to place it.

Yeah. Is it a type of things the place you tried to borrow it from set and different people stated, “F that.”?

BUSTER: You know, I want I might. Because think about should you might go snowboarding in that. Just slap that on, put in your helmet…

WAGONER: Well, I assume, to be sincere, it was a snowboarding go nicely with that was converted into– Really, it was, it was a one-piece snowboarding swimsuit that was converted into that, yeah.

BUSTER: Yeah, it was a white snowboarding go nicely with that obtained dirtied up.

But that’s referred to as having a price range, and that actually is my next factor. So, obviously, this is not a Marvel film. You have a finite schedule and a finite price range. What ended up being the hardest stuff to drag off with what you have been up against?

WAGONER: Well, I mean we had been actually shooting plenty of pages every day. We shot the film in not an enormous amount of time.

We’re talking 14 days, or 25?

WAGONER: 15. 15 days.

Got it. Exactly.

WAGONER: Yes, exactly. And so truthfully, when Will and Elizabeth were there, we needed to pack in each single scene that they have been in in those two days. And in order that was in all probability the hardest factor. I will say although, that the crew that we have, we shot this domestically in Utah, and the crew we have are so inventive, and they’re just so good at being creative. And they begged, borrowed, and stole issues from other units and from different things that that they had done. So, we have been capable of put a lot of stuff on the screen that means.

This is one other director query, and I apologize.

WAGONER: Well, I’ll take it from here, guys.

I’m obsessive about the enhancing process because that’s where the movie comes collectively. So, how did the movie change in the modifying room in ways you didn’t expect? Or, did you show the movie to individuals, they usually stated, “Oh, you should repair this.”?

WAGONER: Yes, I imply, there was nothing egregious that individuals were like, “Uh-oh, this doesn’t work.” The first reduce I obtained back, although, was like 74 minutes, and I was like, “Oh no, what have I done?” And it simply took somewhat bit of finessing and pacing. It was just a little bit tight. And so we just opened it up a little bit, and I think that was the biggest thing, is ensuring that the pacing was right. Because there are such heartfelt moments within the film, and there are additionally comedic moments. And so, that was the most important thing, is discovering the stability and the transitions in and out of these scenes to verify we weren’t like, “Whoa, that is all over the place.” It flows somewhat bit more.

You guys are obviously a half of the Sundance Film Festival. Oftentimes you discover out on the last minute, or you find out method prematurely, sufficient to keep the key. So, for all of you, when did you find out, and the way long had been you not in a place to inform anyone?

WAGONER: I mean, as a outcome of I received the call first, I’ll simply start, and then I’ll be quiet the the rest of the interview. I was on one other film in Ireland in December and obtained a telephone name at three in the morning, and did not get it until I awakened. I texted the quantity because I did not acknowledge it and was like, “Hey, sorry I missed your name. I’m awake now,” or one thing. And then it was [Kim Yutani], the senior programmer for Sundance, and she known as me immediately and was like, “Hey.” It was midnight for her at that point. And she was like, “I just was so excited, I needed to let you know.” And I was on their lonesome on this room in Ireland and was just shouting and screaming and was like, “This film, alien movie?” And she’s like, “Yeah, we loved it.” And so then I got to call the other producers on the movie and wake them up, and Austin was… I kept calling and texting, and he is like, “I’m in bed.”

EVERETT: Because it was midnight. It was midnight. And so, I’m in bed and my cellphone starts buzzing, and I look, and it’s Jake. And so I silenced it and put it again down because I wasn’t going to reply it. So, he calls me again.

WAGONER: Wow, right?

EVERETT: And again, I silenced it, and then I hear a text and I learn it, and he goes, “Are you awake?” And so I texted him, I was like, “No.” And I put it again down, and then he calls me. When he known as me the third time I picked it up, and I literally sat up, and I was like, “I assume we simply obtained into Sundance.” And so I answered the telephone, and I was like, “Do you realize that it is midnight?” He goes, “I know buddy. But the Sundance Institute just known as, we got in.” And then we simply began laughing. We just began giggling.

WAGONER: It was lots of laughing.

TREMBLAY: It was like noon for me, however I was still sleeping, so I also obtained woken up.

WAGONER: That’s true. We texted her, and we’re like, “Hey, can we talk?” And she’s like, “Well, sure.” We FaceTime her, and she or he’s like, “Oh, I did not know this was happening.”

TREMBLAY: My hair is messy. I’m nonetheless in mattress. And they tell me, and I’m like, “You’re kidding me.” And then I grasp up, and I run, and I inform my parents, and I didn’t keep it a secret. I told everyone I knew.

Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out - Still 1 Image through Sundance

I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that, but next time.

BUSTER: Yeah. I pretty much found out around noon as nicely. Just obtained a text being like, “Hey, may we hop on a Zoom?” Got on and came upon that method. Just a random day…

FORTE: I was about 11:55 AM, in all probability the first. Sounds like the first.

WAGONER: He was, yeah. Does sound like you were the first name.

FORTE: I was just so excited. I did not sign up for this thing going, “Oh, that is an apparent Sundance movie.” It was simply so great as a end result of like she stated, everybody who’s a half of this was simply so welcoming, inviting, good at what they did, and I was simply so joyful to be part of it. And just to know that this got here out of it, I was just so thrilled for everybody.

MITCHELL: I discovered after everyone else, way after. I don’t know if that’s true, however I’m going to say it since you have been first, I get to be last. It’s something. And I was on a set and I received a textual content saying, “Pick up your telephone.” Same thing, right? And then Maclain called and mentioned, “We got into Sundance.” And I was like, “Wait, wait, what?”

WAGONER: What movie?

MITCHELL: They had been like, “No, actually. Sundance.” And I was like, “For our little candy movie?” And they’re like, “Yeah.” And I was like, “Oh.” And then it was late, and it was a quiet evening, and I began dancing round on the street and the little security man’s like, “You can’t try this.” Okay. But there was pleasure. There was real joy.

Will, I have a person question. I’m so interested in Coyote vs. Acme. It’s CG, live-action, you are doing something with John Cena. So, what can you inform individuals about it? Because it sounds like it could be cool.

FORTE: I mean, it was so enjoyable to make this. It came out of this text that I assume is many years previous. Wiley Coyote is suing the Acme Corporation due to all of the totally different contraptions that have exploded in his face, and stuff like that. And so, I get to play Wiley Coyote’s lawyer, and it is a combination of animation, and it’s like a Who Framed Roger Rabbit? style movie. And yeah, John Cena is so nice in it. Lana Condor is in it. It was so much fun making it, and these guys who’re making it are so good. Because you’ve obtained to determine where this animated character is going to move to. It was wonderful to be a half of it. So, I’m excited to see how it seems as a result of, of course, I’m acting with a tennis ball lots of times. There’s a tennis ball for an eye-line, and it’s moving round. So, yeah, I assume, I don’t know the way far more I can say about it, but I’ve blathered on for a while.

It’s fascinating because Roger Rabbit is such a tremendous movie, and lately, [Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers] came out, which is fantastic if you have not seen it on Disney+. I’m glad that this genre is being additional explored rather than being pushed to the wayside.

FORTE: No, I mean there are such a lot of completely different characters from that universe which may be involved. It was a real honor to get to behave with all these beloved cartoon characters.

Elizabeth, I have to ask you, if you signed on to play Mrs. Claus, did you ever suppose, “This is actually going to be something I play for some time.”?

MITCHELL: 20 years. Yeah, 20 years. I did not, no, by no means. I was so excited to do it. It was considered one of my first massive motion pictures, and I thought, “Well, yay. Yay.” I did not think about it for a second. So, 20 years later, it’s great.

If we had extra time, I would all spend much more time speaking about The Expanse. I’m simply going to say how much I love that present, and I’m going to maneuver on. So, I believe, and I could be wrong, that you simply recently worked with someone named Meryl, or am I getting this wrong?

TREMBLAY: Meryl Streep once I was 9.

MITCHELL: Cool, that is amazing!

TREMBLAY: But that wasn’t too current.

WAGONER: Are you not 11? How previous are you?

TREMBLAY: Just a little bit older than that.

What is it when you work with somebody like that, and if you’re at that age, do you realize who you are working with?

TREMBLAY: Not at all. And it is so weird because once I was a kid, I did these big motion pictures again to back, and I was clueless. The only individual I knew was Robert Downey Jr. because it’s Iron Man. But it’s solely now that I could be like, “Oh my god, I worked with Robert Downey Jr. and Meryl Streep, and I did not even know, they usually had been simply within the corner and I was doing whatever.” So, it is bizarre. It’s actually bizarre, however it’s an fascinating story, and it is so bizarre to look again and just be like, “I had no clue what I was doing.” But yeah. It’s cool.

It needs to be, yeah, it simply needs to be a very bizarre a factor.

TREMBLAY: Yeah, no, it’s so weird. And Jeff Bridges was part of that movie, too, and I did not know who that was when I was nine, and I should have, but I did not.

No, however you should not.

WAGONER: Yeah, exactly, no, you should not know.

TREMBLAY: So, it was bizarre, and it’s actually enjoyable to look again. Sometimes I’ll watch the movies simply to be like, “That actually happened. That’s so bizarre.” It does not work. It doesn’t make sense.

Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out - Still 3 Image via Sundance

Someone was also on a present known as Let The Right One In, which I imagine the whole first season is wrapped, or is the final episode coming?

BUSTER: Yeah. No, it is utterly out. The first season is totally out.

So, discuss a little bit about the experience of constructing that, and also, is there any word on doing one other season?

BUSTER: Yeah, so not fairly sure a few new season, but that was a giant expertise as a end result of proper after finishing this film, I turned 18, moved to New York alone, and did my first prosthetics position where I was a vampire, and lots of loopy stuff. Very different from this movie, I will say. But it actually was such a blast. And I truly labored with Grace Gummer, Meryl Streep’s daughter, as my sister. So, that was actually such a blast, just being ready to work with so many phenomenal people throughout the US.

Special thanks to our 2023 companions at Sundance together with presenting associate Saratoga Spring Water and supporting companions Marbl Toronto, EMFACE, Sommsation, Hendrick’s Gin, Stella Artois, MOU Footwear, and the all-electric automobile, Fisker Ocean.


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