Run Rabbit Run Starring Sarah Snook Is Slow Burn Psychological Horror That Pays Off With Its Spooky Ending


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Premiering at this yr’s Sundance Film Festival, Daina Reid’s Run Rabbit Run is an occasionally frustrating watch. While efficiently establishing an eerie ambiance and enticing thriller, it is pacing drags in components due to repetition – each in unfolding its plot and its scares. That being said, it’s not a film that audiences ought to hand over on.

After a bit an extreme amount of treading water, the film actually gets right down to enterprise because it veers into its third act. It delivers satisfying (albeit logically flawed) conclusions to the large questions it teases you with all through, but more importantly it manages to tug off what may be interpreted as a stunning and excellent style shift that pairs nicely with an thrilling descent-into-madness turn from Sarah Snook. 

Run Rabbit Run

Lily LaTorre wearing a rabbit mask in Run Rabbit Run

(Image credit score: XYZ Films)

Directed By: Daina Reid
Written By:
Hannah Kent
Sarah Snook, Lily LaTorre, Damon Herriman, and Greta Scacchi
Release Date:

The gifted Succession star performs Sarah, a divorcée who we meet as she each mourns the latest death of her father and prepares to celebrate the seventh birthday of her daughter, Mia (Lily LaTorre). A family night time has its rocky moments, but it goes properly; the real problems begin in the aftermath. Mia begins appearing strangely – specifically by becoming obsessive about Sarah’s household. She demands to meet Sarah’s estranged mother, Joan (Greta Scacchi); insists that Sarah call her Alice, the title of Sarah’s sister; and turns into obsessed with a photograph of the true Alice.

Harboring dark secrets and techniques about trauma from her childhood, Sarah is both horrified and mystified by Mia’s habits. When a go to to see Joan, who has dementia, takes a flip for the disturbing, and Mia’s trainer shows Sarah creepy drawings on the back of homework assignments, Sarah’s ex (Damon Herriman) means that the mom and daughter make a journey to Sarah’s childhood home and confront what’s at the heart of every thing.

That’s a plot description that admittedly covers lots of floor in Run Rabbit Run, but that is actually simply indicative of its biggest issues. It intends to draw you in with questions about what happened to Sarah in her childhood and what precisely is occurring with Mia, however there is not sufficient to the plot for the film to correctly doll out hints and clues that hold your mind searching for solutions. This alone makes the film feel overlong, and helping nothing is repetitiveness  

It’s cutting when the young girl shrieks that Sarah is a terrible person and makes claims that she isn’t her mother, however it loses its effectiveness additional time – as do leap scares which have Mia suddenly appearing and making the protagonist leap out of her pores and skin. Run Rabbit Run provides some good photographs of adrenaline, however they don’t all the time really feel totally earned within the moment.

Thankfully, it’s within the third act that screenwriter Hannah Kent and director Daina Reid discover their focus – which is considerably ironic given that there’s a sort of dream logic that takes over and chaos begins as Sarah begins to unravel. Reality, hallucination, and psychosis mix as Sarah Snook’s character confronts what happened together with her and her sister after they had been children, and the answers that come in consequence efficiently increase one’s heart price and make clear every little thing that is been taking place.

 And while, given the spoiler-free nature of this piece, I can’t remark specifically on what happens on the very end of of Run Rabbit Run, I will say that it saves its best note for final. It might end up spurring completely different interpretations, but essentially the most thrilling learn offers a realignment of the character of the story that makes one have a glance at the entire film with a different perspective.

Those intrigued by the Australian horror film in all probability will not have to wait too long before with the ability to watch it, as unlike another excessive profile titles in this year’s Sundance Film Festival lineup, Run Rabbit Run is already set up with a distribution deal from Netflix (opens in new tab). The streaming service has not but introduced a launch date, however soon sufficient it’s going to find a place on the Netflix 2023 Calendar.

Be on the look out for more of our Sundance Film Festival 2023 coverage here on CinemaBlend, including an early reaction to Jonathan Majors’ intense bodybuilding drama Magazine Dreams and a take a glance at the Indigo Girls documentary It’s Only Life After All.


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