Why We Love Jane Austen Movie Adaptations


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“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened on the will of others. My braveness all the time rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” This epic excerpt from Pride & Prejudice, along with many other memorable traces from the acclaimed novel, can still ring true and encourage people today.

Jane Austen, the world famend English author, accomplished just six works during her time, and yet manages to command a legion of followers around the world. Her timeless tales have been adapted into a large body of flicks, TV shows, and theatrical productions, in addition to being translated into a quantity of languages throughout the globe. Today, she stays as well-liked as ever and is revered as much as any literary figure within the historical past of the English language.


On that note, we took a better look at why Austen’s book-to-film variations sometimes work well on a crucial and business scale. Netflix’s summer movie Persuasion may not have been successful, but that won’t deter followers from eagerly awaiting future adaptations of Austen’s novels. Take a take a look at our evaluation below.

Jane Austen’s Life and Career


The English author, who only lived till the age of 41, is maybe solely answerable for giving novels a distinctly modern character via her therapy of ordinary people in everyday life. Austen revealed four novels throughout her lifetime: Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), and Emma (1815). Persuasion and Northanger Abbey, meanwhile, have been printed collectively posthumously in 1817. In each, Austen vividly depicted English middle-class life through the early-19th Century. Her work outlined the era’s novel of manners, but in addition they turned timeless classics that remained successes for two centuries after her death.

Historians verify that her vigorous and affectionate family circle provided a stimulating context for Austen’s writing. It was this world that she was to use within the settings, characters, and subject matter of her books. Austen’s concentration on character and character, particularly the tensions between her heroines and their society, align more intently to fashionable society than to 18th-Century traditions.

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Why Adaptations of Austen’s Books Work

silverstone-clueless-1995-paramount Paramount Pictures

And that brings us to our subsequent level. The universally beloved modernity, wit, realism, and timelessness of her prose fashion is what makes Austen’s novels genuinely pleasant to learn right now — to not mention why they’re also taught in colleges everywhere. Modern critics remain fascinated by the commanding structure and group of the novels. It’s frequent data in Hollywood that any acclaimed novel that options an introspective romantic heroine, strategic matchmaking, and foolish supporting characters will in the end be delivered to life on the big screen.

To get a way of Austen’s influence, know this: a minimal of nine movies were based mostly on Pride & Prejudice, including the 2005 film starring Keira Knightley, and even Bridget Jones’ Diary, which spawned an entire franchise. Despite the massive hole in years between Austen’s period and ours, the conditions — or shall we say, predicaments — that Austen’s characters stumble into are fairly relatable. Most of us have “been there,” having suffered through seemingly well-mannered conversations about inheritance, marriage, and social standing, be it with family members of work colleagues. These “trendy” circumstances may be present in Austen’s six revealed works.

“A girl’s creativeness could be very fast; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment,” reads one other line from Pride & Prejudice. Such relatable “hot messes” like Elinor Dashwood, Emma Woodhouse, and Fanny Price are some of the more coveted roles in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise that Austen’s novels have long been made into interval dramas — the best of which mix excellent casting with distinctive costuming and dramatic staging of these iconic, endlessly quotable monologues.

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Future Austen Adaptations in Development

johnson-persuasion-2022-mrc MRC

The Netflix film Persuasian, which hit the masses over the summer, is the latest Austen book-to-film adaptation, and we hope to see more. And it seems Pride & Prejudice simply cannot be stopped — a Muppets movie model was recently pitched by Ted Lasso’s Emmy-winning star himself, Brett Goldstein (via Collider). Austen herself turned a character in a current novel by May McGoldrick titled Jane Austen Cannot Marry, which will surely work as a big-screen adaptation. The universes created by Austen in her novels are also being tailored to stage, corresponding to a recent headline-making production in Houston, Texas. Please examine back here for updates on future Austen-related projects within the works!


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