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The two Knives Out movies actively emulate the classic drawing-room mysteries of Agatha Christie and her ilk. That means a big solid of colorful characters who instantly become suspects as quickly as the homicide takes place. The fun lies in making an attempt to guess the killer, and the unique Knives Out thrived by concurrently honoring and upending that trope.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery stays true to kind, as sensible (if verbose) detective Benoit Blanc finds himself within the center of a new mystery with a new cast of oddball suspects. In this case, they’re all a group of shut friends who used to meet at a bar named The Glass Onion. The thriller begins when considered one of them sends out an elaborate invitation to spend a weekend on his private property in Greece. A list of every character follows, defining every subject and appearing as a helpful scorecard for the proceedings. They include some spoilers but don’t divulge either the details of the murder or the identification of Glass Onion’s killer.

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Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc

Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc is the protagonist and audience surrogate: knowledgeable sleuth with a string of highly publicized circumstances on his resume. He receives an invitation to the mysterious weekend retreat, although he doesn’t know any of the other guests. He opens the movie under COVID lockdown (Glass Onion takes place in May 2020) and is slowly succumbing to cabin fever. The invitation is a chance to flee his confines, which turns into more intriguing when he learns that his host, Miles Bron, didn’t truly invite him.

Edward Norton as Miles Bron

Edward Norton in Rian Johnson's Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Bron is a tech billionaire — a thinly veiled version of real-world types like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg — who hosts the opposite characters for a weekend retreat at his compound. Glass Onion performs him as a blissful man-child, residing in a world of his personal making and accustomed to everyone indulging his mannered eccentricities. He adds particular intrigue to the affair when he guarantees his guests that the murder they should solve will be his.

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Janelle Monáe as Andi Brand

Glass Onion Andi Brand

Andi sets herself other than the opposite visitors instantly; when Bron’s elaborate puzzle box invitation arrives, she takes a hammer to it, then pulls the invite from the wreckage while her pals unlock every layer of their packing containers one by one. As it turns out, she has good cause for the surrogate hostility. She was Miles’ business companion earlier than he pressured her out of the company, leaving her destitute. Her motives for attending the retreat are maybe essentially the most mysterious of the group, and her grievances play a considerable role in the mayhem that follows.

Kathryn Hahn as Claire Debella


Claire is the (fictional) governor of Connecticut, who is just starting a run for senator when the film begins. Bron is financing her campaign, which leaves her beholden to him and provides a attainable motive for murder. She’s portrayed as a typical politician: superficially charming, very slick, and (in considered one of Glass Onion’s more subtle jokes) only barely adhering to COVID masks mandates. As the thriller unfolds, her true colours reveal themselves, and she or he turns into more involved concerning the effects on her campaign than the assassin’s victim.

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Leslie Odom Jr. as Lionel Toussaint

Glass Onion Lionel

Lionel is a scientist who works for Miles in one of the billionaire’s tech companies: making him one of many friends whom Miles has leverage over. He stays quiet and indifferent from the proceedings, a minimal of for Glass Onion’s first act. Outwardly, he’s deeply loyal to Miles, although, as with so most of the characters, he has causes to be less than thrilled with the relationship. In this case, he is developing an eco-friendly fuel that Miles is raring to unveil, regardless of Toussaint’s misgivings.

Kate Hudson as Birdie Jay

Cast members from Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, sitting at a table with Daniel Craig standing at its head

Birdie is Glass Onion’s designated hot mess: a former supermodel turned fashionista who quietly pines for her misplaced past. That eventually resulted in a string of self-inflicted wounds, from which she’s struggling to get well. She opens the movie along with her cell phone confiscated “for tweeting an ethnic slur again,” and things go downhill from there. Miles supported a new style line that seems to have righted her ship but additionally left her roughly at his beck and call.

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Dave Bautista as Duke Cody

Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery Dave Bautista Header

Duke is an internet influencer — the primary to succeed in one million followers on Twitch, according to the plot — and self-proclaimed males’s rights activist with a mildly disturbing fixation on breasts. He hosts his stream during the COVID lockdown from his mother’s basement, and his mom is outwardly still firmly in charge of his life. Naturally, he brings a gun to the compound, and like the other visitors, he owes his success to financial assist from Miles.

Jessica Henwick as Peg

Glass Onion Peg

Peg is Birdie’s assistant, which consists largely of averting her employer’s seemingly unending string of disasters. She additionally serves as counselor — admonishing Birdie to ask Bron for money, for instance — and like Duke, she brings a weapon to the retreat. (In her case, it’s a butterfly knife.) The nature of her job implies that if Birdie’s career is destroyed, then hers dies too. Except for Blanc, she’s also one of the solely guests on the celebration with no earlier direct connection to Miles.

Madelyn Cline as Whiskey

Glass Onion Whiske Duke

Whiskey is Duke’s girlfriend and tech assistant, which signifies that — like Peg — she’s solely peripherally connected to the circle of friends at the center of Glass Onion. She soon will get extraordinarily cozy with Miles, who seems to know her, and Duke witnesses them making love while out on a jog. The particulars of the love triangle play a surprisingly large role within the unfolding mystery, including a suspicious disappearing act halfway through the movie.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is streaming on Netflix starting Dec. 23.


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