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This article will focus on matters like “Care Bears Movie” and Everything you need to know concerning the cast, the film, & more! Therefore, if that is one thing that piques your curiosity, persist with us.

The Care Bears Movie

Nelvana‘s 1985 animated musical fantasy film The Care Bears Movie (after the 1983 movie Rock & Rule). It debuted the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins in one of the earliest movies primarily based on a toy line. An orphanage owner (Mickey Rooney) tells a narrative in regards to the Care Bears, who dwell in Care-a-Lot, a cloudy area. The Bears journey to Earth to save two lonely kids, Kim and Jason, who lost their mother and father in a automobile accident, and Nicholas, a younger magician’s apprentice, from an evil spirit. Kim, Jason, and their friends meet the Care Bear Cousins in the Forest of Feelings.

In 1981, American Greetings began growing a Care Bears film. Later, the card enterprise hired Nelvana to develop it, gave them character rights, and financed the film with General Mills and LBS Communications. Arna Selznick directed and Nelvana’s founders produced. Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea hosted the eight-month, $2 million manufacturing. Mickey Rooney, Georgia Engel, Jackie Burroughs, and Cree Summer supplied their voices for the characters. Carole King and John Sebastian wrote many songs. The Samuel Goldwyn Company, a newly founded impartial distributor, bought the distribution rights to the film and spent a record $24 million selling it.

The movie premiered on March 24, 1985, in Washington, D.C.. Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins, one other Nelvana film, was shown in theatres. Critics questioned whether or not The Care Bears Movie was a full-length commercial for the title characters. It earned $23 million domestically, gained a Golden Reel Award, and was 1985’s highest-grossing Canadian film at C$1.845 million. It set a Canadian and non-Disney animation box-office document with $34 million in international sales and remains one of Goldwyn’s greatest earners. The picture saved Nelvana and revived US children’s films. It has since been acknowledged as influencing a wave of toy-based animated and live-action options. The 1986 and 1987 sequels, A New Generation and Adventure in Wonderland, didn’t match the original’s success. The Care Bears franchise consists of movies, specials, and TV shows.

The Plot

Middle-aged couple Cherrywood run an orphanage. Mr. Cherrywood tells the orphans in regards to the Care Bears and their cloud home, Care-a-Lot, one night time. Friend Bear and Secret Bear search Earth for cheery individuals. They meet Kim and Jason, two lonely orphans whose parents died in a vehicle accident, on Earth. The youngsters are introduced to Friend Bear and Secret Bear, who each remind the children of their targets, however neither of them exhibits any interest.

Tenderheart Bear sees Nicholas, a mage’s apprentice, at an amusement park. Nicholas finds a diary-locked e-book whereas emptying a trunk for the “Great Fettucini.” He is brainwashed when he unlocks it. With his cooperation, it destroys the park and sets out to finish caring.

care bears movie

Some of the opposite bears in Care-a-Lot are constructing the Rainbow Rescue Beam, a portal that can transport any bear to Earth and again. Friend Bear, Secret Bear, Kim, and Jason arrive when Grams Bear’s two Care Bear pups, Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs, intrude. The bears show the kids their house. Tenderheart Bear returns before a spirit-caused “cloudquake” destroys Care-a-Lot. He shares Nicholas’ Earthly woes. He sends Kim, Jason, Friend Bear, and Secret Bear to the park with the Rainbow Rescue Beam. They enter the Forest of Feelings when the portal fails. The rest of the bears search for them on the Cloud Clipper from a neighbouring river, leaving Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Grams Bear, and the pups in Care-a-Lot. Nicholas learns about Kim, Jason, and the Care Bears and summons a cloud-like demon to catch them.

The Bears and children meet Care Bear Cousins Brave Heart Lion and Playful Heart Monkey within the Forest. The other Bears on their ship uncover more Cousins, together with Cozy Heart Penguin, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Swift Heart Rabbit, and Bright Heart Raccoon. The devil assaults as a fish, tree, and eagle during their keep. After defeating it, the Care Bears and Cousins return to Earth to save Nicholas.

Nicholas gathers parts for his “last spell” towards the youngsters, Bears, and Cousins on the park while Kim and Jason hide. After casting it, the Care Bears struggle for a protracted time. After mending the Rainbow Rescue Beam, Good Luck Bear and Grumpy Bear help by unleashing rays of dazzling light on him. Nicholas and the spirit momentarily seize management as the Bears and Cousins’ strength wanes. Kim and Jason reach out to him, and Nicholas sees his errors and shakes off the spirit. Jason locks the closed book. Nicholas thanked them for saving him, the park, and the world. He rejoins Fettucini while Tenderheart Bear welcomes the Care Bear Cousins. New mother and father take Kim and Jason to Nicholas’ show.

Nicholas is revealed as Mr. Cherrywood continues his story. Tenderheart Bear smiles, giggles, and returns to Care-a-Lot.

care bears movie


DIC Entertainment created an 11-episode Care Bears TV collection after The Care Bears Movie. Another series, Nelvana’s The Care Bears Family, began on ABC within the US and Canada’s Global in September 1986 and was later broadcast in 140 international locations. Nelvana released two more films, Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986) and The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987), though none was as profitable. Columbia Pictures’ A New Generation grossed US$8.5 million in North America and US$12 million globally. Adventure in Wonderland, released by Cineplex Odeon Films and self-financed by Nelvana, earned US$2.608 million domestically and US$6 million internationally, barely recovering its prices. “It was only one sequel too many,” Michael Hirsh mentioned. In December 1988, Care Bears Nutcracker Suite appeared on television and media. The following motion image within the sequence, Journey to Joke-a-lot, debuted on video in 2004. (via Lionsgate and Family Home Entertainment).

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