10 Scariest Movie Villains That Aren’t Human


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The evilest villains are usually humans in many movies. Even though some seem like monsters, it is rather probably that people are behind those monsters as the primary enemy. That stated, there is a particular type of horror in seeing a scary non-human or not seeing something harmful that you know is there and is coming for you.

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Like how the Umbrella Cooperation created the zombies in Resident Evil, story writers have created their own imaginary non-human villains. The huge sea of antagonists that are not human is there for the followers to choose from. As seen in the film Cabin within the Woods, each monster has its personal horror and is exclusive to whomever it offers nightmares to.


Mr. Shadow (The Ultimate Evil) – ‘The Fifth Element’ (1997)

The primary villain in The Fifth Element could appear to be Zorg (Gary Oldman), but he is the secondary antagonist subsequent to the enormous planet rushing toward earth. It consumes everything and anything on its means, and it is coming for planet earth.

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The Ultimate Evil, also recognized as Mr. Shadow, has no mercy for the residing. There may be no negotiations, and it may possibly’t be destroyed by any manufactured weapon – not even nukes. It travels on the pace of sunshine, and its only objective is to destroy life. The query is, why on earth did Zorg make an settlement with it if Mr. Shadow’s intentions are so obvious?

Death – The ‘Final Destination’ Film Series (2000 – 2011)

A tree trunk coming out of a police car's back window

The inventive ways of dying in Final Destination fascinate fans throughout its movies. When thinking of the primary villain, a demon may come to thoughts, looking at how individuals die one after the other in a grotesque way. But the primary antagonist is none other than the previous Grim Reaper itself.

Death is the massive baddie in the Final Destination films and appears in several ways, including a human form. However, if you do not count the gory demise scenes of the human characters, it does not have a true known type. In the guide Final Destination: Dead Reckoning, dying is said to be “an enormous abomination composed of decaying, shifting corpses and bones of hundreds of species.” How delightful.

Parasite – ‘Splinter’ (2008)

A hand covered in black liquid with splinters coming out of it

Splinter would not precisely have the most unique plot in relation to horror movies. The villain of the film, nonetheless, is type of unusual. As a parasite, it infests a number physique and takes the type of splinters. After that, it assaults other organisms to multiply.

The skin-crawling villain in Splinter is nightmare fuel for individuals with trypophobia. It’s scary enough to have an enemy assault you from the skin, but being infested from the within by a splinter parasite is an entire other stage of horror that may stay with audiences lengthy after they’ve seen the film.

Alien – ‘Alien’ (1979)

A xenomorph in Ripley's face

The violent extraterrestrial species in Alien is an iconic character that has a critical quantity of followers and has rightly spawned a legendary Alien franchise with 4 major motion pictures. In the primary movie, the phobia begins when humans come by and investigate an alien ship with alien eggs in it.

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The extraterrestrial creature’s raw instinct for aggression is fascinating and scary at the similar time. The acid-blooded creature only needs to survive and multiply in the finest way it is aware of how. However, to people, it is life-threatening and doesn’t have a friendly face in the slightest.

The Eye of Sauron – The ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy (2001 – 2003)

The Eye of Sauron

Being all-knowing and all-wise would not at all times come with the sight of a white-haired grandma or grandpa. Sauron from The Lord of the Rings has used some of his power to conjure an enormous eye that beams from a tall tower and is on the lookout for his lost piece – the One Ring.

As the fan-favorite Gollum says, “all the time the Great Eye watching, watching,” the Eye of Sauron puts concern within the hearts of the fellowship and the followers. He wants to search out his ring to then corrupt and rule Middle Earth and will cease at nothing to recuperate it. Every tense second the place the Eye’s light pans throughout a scene proves simply how scary the unique antagonist may be.

Space – ‘Gravity’ (2013)

Gravity, Ranking the films of Alfonso Cuarón, sandra bullock, astronaut

One of the most important fears astronauts could have is probably the malfunction of their house shuttle. That’s what occurs to the characters in Gravity, leaving them open to the horror of being stranded in empty house.

As the characters drift into nothingness, spectators start considering of how a lot time they might have left before they died. Would they die suffocating? Have a coronary heart attack? Or would they accept their destiny and open their space helmet? It’s a film that makes fans frightened of going to space, with each nerve-wracking second emphasizing the risks of being alone out there.

The Creatures – ‘Bird Box’ (2018)

A blindfolded girl holding her hand forward.

If seeing is believing, Bird Box shows us a troublesome method to notice that. The movie makes use of the fear of the unknown for its spectators by making its monster deadly in the occasion that they ever see it. Deadly, as in causing a daunting sort of insanity and causing them to die by suicide.

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There is a certain horror in thriller, and Bird Box provides that for its followers. The most important rule of a household trip shouldn’t be to never take your blindfolds off. But within the case of Bird Box, you’ll have the ability to’t break that rule, as a result of when you see the creatures, you will be manipulated into dying and possibly even doing hurt to others.

Agent Smith – ‘The Matrix’ (1999)


Created by the Architect as a computer program, Agent Smith’s major objective was to guard the Matrix from being found for what it really is and escaped as the red tablets did. He was more skillful than his different agent peers and was defeated by Neo on the end of the first Matrix movie, solely to come again later.

His abilities were limited when he was nonetheless an agent of the system. But when he broke free, there was no restrict to what he might do. When Agent Smith was free from the system, he manifested himself as a computer virus and multiplied like there isn’t a tomorrow. He even escaped the Matrix by finding a human body and ultimately infested the whole Core Network of the Matrix.

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog – ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ (1975)

A bunch of knights looking at a rabbit at the mouth of a cave

This mini monstrosity in Monty Python isn’t what it appears like. On their mission to search out the Holy Grail, King Arthur and his knights encounter a cave guarded by a Rabbit. Even although they’re warned concerning the Killer Rabbit by Tim the Enchanter, they underestimate it because of its look.

The Killer Rabbit brutally attacks the group of knights in a really graphic and bloody scene. What makes this non-human enemy so horrifying is that its appears are deceiving. Sure, a rabbit can chunk. But can it fly within the air, slicing individuals’s throats open? Even the shock of its encounter would be an excellent reason for a coronary heart assault.

Nanobot Swarm – ‘Moonfall’ (2022)

moonfall-patrick-wilson-social-featured Image through Lionsgate

Those who unironically think the Moon is hole should have beloved Roland Emmerich‘s apocalyptic movie Moonfall. It is about the Moon being a habitat of swarming AI nanobots that have been created hundreds of years ago: and they are beginning to attack.

Anything swarming and chasing you would have a “nope” from virtually everybody. These swarming nanobots within the film aren’t solely coming after folks but in addition making the synthetic Moon collapse with Earth. The destruction of this blue ball comes from its closest neighbor, the Moon.

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