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Discover 6 manufacturing secrets of the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of its launch.

Discover the deepest secrets and techniques of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which pits the young wizard and his friends towards the fearsome Heir of Slytherin. What type does it take? Does it have a relationship with the One whose name we should not pronounce? How to fight it and defeat it? So many questions that make the film an ideal sequel to its predecessor, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Who was to play Hugh Grant?


With his natural charisma and seductive gaze, there is no doubt that Hugh Grant was an ideal candidate to play Gilderoy Lockart, Professor of Defense in opposition to the Dark Arts changing Professor Quirrell after his little “incident” in the first movie. The Guardian had reported this loopy rumor, however Grant ended up filming Love Without Notice with Sandra Bullock instead and it was Kenneth Branagh who took on the function of this narcissist wizard.

A flying car…stolen!

Warner Bros.

If you suppose that only one 1962 Ford Anglia was used for the filming, you’re removed from the reality since 16 were wanted for the landing scene alone, 14 of which had been destroyed! One of the 2 survivors was kept in a studio before being stolen in October 2005. She shall be discovered months later not removed from the studios, on May 17, 2006. No one knows what precisely happened to her.

For the report, this Anglia mannequin is the one that the writer of the novels JK Rowling and her pal used after they had been young.

Raised ? At his age ?!

Warner Bros.

Mimi Whining is a 14-year-old scholar of Ravenclaw house, killed at Hogwarts by the gaze of the Basilisk hiding within the Chamber of Secrets. She haunts the girls’ bathrooms and meets Harry and Ron and goes by this nickname as a outcome of she is often heard crying. This character is interpreted by actress Shirley Henderson, 37, which makes her the oldest actress to have played a scholar of the varsity of wizards.

Daniel Radcliffe, the king of improv!

Warner Bros.

At the tip of the film, Lucius Malfoy unexpectedly goes to Headmaster Dumbledore’s workplace. In the scene as deliberate, his interpreter, Jason Isaacs, had to leave without saying something however, with the approval of director Chris Columbus, he was able to add a sentence. He then improvised the line: “Let’s hope Mr. Potter will nonetheless be there to save lots of the day”. To which Daniel Radcliffe added, bouncing off the improvisation: “Don’t worry. I’ll be there.” We find the sequence to the word within the movie.

grow too fast

Warner Bros.

At the top of the filming of The Chamber of Secrets, Daniel Radcliffe’s voice started to change! It is therefore tough to maintain consistency between the scenes put in boxes months in the past and the information, with a special voice for the principle hero of the saga. The answer was for the studio to rent another actor with a voice very near “the old Daniel” so to speak! It was Joe Sowerbutts, 13, who was chosen and who due to this fact doubled Radcliffe for the problematic scenes. And that’s how one other actor performed Harry Potter.

A very awkward hug

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At the end of the movie, Hermione, saved from dying, runs across the Great Hall to hug Harry, but for her interpreter Emma Watson, it didn’t come to thoughts, as director Chris recalls. Columbus:

“That was the day she was the most nervous on set. She was like, ‘I don’t need to hug him, no, I don’t.’ And I was like, ‘You’ve been petrified, he’s considered one of your greatest associates, if not your best, you need to hug him. But, you won’t hug Ron because he’s there. [qu’on veut] that the stress lies (…).”

“So principally she was in front of all her friends, all the actors and actresses, she needed to hug him in entrance of 350 actors, and as a child she was terrified [par cette perspective]. She then hugged him and I needed to stretch [la durée de cette séquence] mounting. [Sinon] she was hugging him and, the following picture, it was over”.


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