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Based solely on the title, Diana Bustamante’s documentary, Our Movie, just isn’t what you assume it is…until you truly give it some thought, and it turns into the proper title.

Our Movie opens with a gaggle of children singing the Colombian nationwide anthem on the steps of its capital. It’s a video performed on this particular television station because it signs off every evening as it indicators off. Our Movie then takes a very dark turn because it pulls up outdated information video from the Colombian archives documenting the reign of terror its residents faced from the highly effective drug cartels under Pablo Escobar.

The footage starts with information stories of the kidnapping and assassination of Colombia’s inspector common along with beloved journalist Jorge Enrique Pulido. Thousands took to the streets to mourn their passing and cried in outrage over the government’s complicity in these killings and their inability to exact justice. Yet, the common public killings didn’t finish there.

Before you know it, the violence becomes more intense, and the numbers and identities of its victims turn into extra painful and unlucky. At one point, random farming communities are targeted by the cartels dragging the men on these farms out into the open and publically executed as virtually a message to the other farmer pondering of going against the cartel. The information then reviews that over 2000 political killings have occurred in the course of the 12 months, along with the murder of hundreds of farmers and staff.

“…documenting the reign of terror its citizens confronted from the powerful drug cartels under Pablo Escobar.”

Now violence has turn into a traditional lifestyle. We are shown b-roll footage of blood flowing down driveways and streets, bullet-ridden vehicles, shattered glass, and homicide scenes. The madness and brutality only worsened as bullets flew while news cameras rolled and the bodies dropped in front of them. Arguably, the worst horror occurred learning that the cartels had hired 12-year-old boys as assassins.

As unusual because it sounds, Our Movie is an apropos title for Bustamante’s documentary. This was the movie in regards to the filmmaker’s everyday life in Colombia and played out over the airwaves every day. This worry certainly left an indelible impression on the nation’s kids, who couldn’t escape the horror on their metropolis streets and country roads. With the popularity of scripted exhibits like Narcos, the story of Pablo Escobar is on full display for an viewers that was by no means there, but in Our Movie, real life is what makes up this film. It was occurring in real-time, and Bustamante’s enhancing and storytelling expertise powerfully laid out the horror.

Speaking of storytelling, Our Movie consists of 100% information video from begin to end and tells a complete story designed to conjure the fear one felt residing beneath these extreme circumstances. Considering that he is a compilation piece, Our Movie does what it must do to strengthen the notion that not only did unspeakable acts of man occur a long time in the past, it nonetheless goes on at present in locations like Rwanda.

Our Movie is perfect for the history buff. Going by way of hundreds of hours, filmmaker Bustamante items collectively a cohesive but haunting story of an entire nation dwelling in worry.

For screening information, go to the Our Movie official web site.


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