Jodie Foster’s ‘Home for the Holidays’ Makes Family Dysfunction Hilarious


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In 1995, Jodie Foster, together with screenwriters Chris Radant and W.D. Richter, gave moviegoers an antidote to the entire stereotypically diabetes-inducing feel-good holiday motion pictures with Home for the Holidays. This comedy set during Thanksgiving time tells the story of what actually occurs when a family gets collectively for Thanksgiving. The movie is a steadfast and uneasy essay on the rituals that deliver relatives together while simultaneously tearing them apart, and while it’s frequently a rough experience, it additionally presents a hopeful contemplation of those small moments that make our lives worthwhile and that maintain even the most dysfunctional households coming again for their annual vacation season torture.


Holly Hunter’s Claudia Larson Takes a Torturous Trip Home

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Foster divides the story a few household of strange people gathering for Thanksgiving into 4 segments: “Flying,” “Mom and Dad,” “Relatives,” “The Birds,” “Cleanup,” and “Now What,” neatly outlining the lead-up to Thanksgiving Day, the inevitable catastrophes that can occur, and the messy aftermath.

Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter) has just lost her job, and in the midst of being fired, tries to make out with the boss who’s canning her. She’s additionally about to ship her 16-year-old daughter Kitt (Claire Danes) off to spend Thanksgiving with Kitt’s boyfriend’s family, where Kitt is sure to lose her virginity. To say Claudia has some points to cope with is in an understatement. Nonetheless, she gets on a airplane headed for Baltimore to endure the holiday. Before she will get there, although, she must first endure the older girl in the seat subsequent to her who has a habit of oversharing and eating hard-boiled eggs.

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Director Foster reminds audiences that it is not simply the destination that’s practically insufferable – it’s the journey, too. When Claudia gets to the branchless tree limbs and dreary metal grey skies of late autumn Maryland, she’s greeted by her chain-smoking mom Adele (Anne Bancroft) and portly papa Henry (Charles Durning), who fill Claudia in on the ringworm, ear and paw fungus the household cat is presently experiencing. When hyperactive homosexual brother Tommy (Robert Downey Jr.) unexpectedly arrives at the Larson home, Claudia is relieved to have one other comrade in arms to assist her battle the parental hullabaloo. But Tommy has introduced alongside some new guy with him, Leo Fish (Dylan McDermott), and Claudia wrongly assumes Tommy has dumped his long-term boyfriend Jack for this good-looking younger man. Leo is simply an employee of her brother’s, however Tommy, who appears to thrill in a bit of psychological torture, would not exactly clear that up for Claudia, leaving her to catastrophize about what could additionally be happening between Tommy and Jack. Tommy’s inclusion within the proceedings adds an extra layer of pressure to the ambiance, since although mom and dad must definitely know Tommy prefers boys, they prefer to inhabit a fantasy world in which he is an eligible bachelor just waiting for the right woman to come back alongside. Foster makes use of the Tommy character to zero in on an unwritten rule in a selection of American households – if it’s an uncomfortable subject, however no one talks about it, it doesn’t exist.

‘Home for the Holidays’ Shows Us the Nightmare of Running into Your High School Nemesis

As if spending Thanksgiving with the household isn’t attempting sufficient, Foster throws in one other potential nightmare – running into old highschool classmates. As Claudia trudges along the sidewalk in her mother’s over-sized pink down coat whereas hauling two overflowing bags of groceries, her nemesis, Ginny the homecoming queen (Amy Yasbeck), zooms by in her convertible, resplendent in an impressive rust-hued fur, only too happy to let Claudia know the way nicely she’s been doing within the 20 years since graduation. Foster sets this awkward meeting up against a cemetery backdrop, letting audiences know Claudia’s dying somewhat inside as she struggles to bear the encounter. While numerous us fantasize about working into the people we couldn’t stand during our college days, hoping things did not go properly for them, the reality is that they most likely ended up doing just nice, and Foster is not afraid to show how disappointing those moments can turn into.

What Thanksgiving Movie Is Complete Without the Crazy Aunt and the Uptight Sister?

Home For The Holidays 1995 airport Image by way of Paramount Pictures

What distressing vacation could be full without the slightly off-balance relative who has nowhere to go on Thanksgiving? Enter Aunt Gladys (Geraldine Chaplin, in a single her funniest and touching display screen appearances), the retired Latin instructor who lives alone, aside from the 210 vegetation that make her home seem like the Brazilian rain forest. “Glady,” as the family calls her, wears a necklace made of Froot Loops and carries around a floor lamp she won on The Price is Right. She additionally has uncontrollable gasoline. The Larson household circus act adds one other ring when Claudia’s and Tommy’s uptight sister Joanne (Cynthia Stevenson) arrives for the festivities along with her equally uptight husband Walter (Steve Guttenberg) and prissy daughters. Joanne is everything Claudia and Tommy usually are not – organized, exacting, and exhaustingly efficient. Joanne is a girl on a mission to make Thanksgiving Day run like a well-oiled machine, even if it kills her. She even brings her personal turkey to the proceedings. Seeing herself as the long-suffering sibling who stayed behind to deal with mom and pa while Claudia and Tommy ran off to live their “exotic lives,” Claudia is a dormant volcano in a Laura Ashley costume, filled with resentment and rage, ready to erupt, and it isn’t long before the lava begins bubbling up.

This All Leads to the Inevitable Dinner Table Meltdown

home for the holidays family dinner 1995 Image through Paramount Pictures

Things start to go south because the household sits all the way down to eat their two birds and as Aunt Glady finishes her fifth glass of Chardonnay. In an alcohol-fueled confession, Glady lets everyone know she’s been in love together with her sister’s husband since the first time she laid eyes on him 43 years earlier. “For one particular moment, my very own little life was as big as I might ever want it to be,” Glady confides to the shocked group at the table. “Whenever I have a look at your father, I understand how lucky my sister have to be, as a end result of he made all my goals come true for her.” It’s a bittersweet second, because while Glady affirms her lifelong pain for the first time, she additionally basks in the lovely reminiscence of how alive she felt on “Thanksgiving Day, 1952, 2:00 within the afternoon.”

As the household does its greatest to vary the topic and pretend that another uncomfortable second did not simply happen, Tommy furiously carves up Joanne’s fowl and by accident catapults it proper into her lap. That flying useless turkey is basically only a metaphor for the futile attempts to maintain secrets and techniques in their place and truths from escaping. Once the turkey hits Joanne, it is like the evil spirits from Pandora’s Box have been released.The previously buttoned-up and proper Christian lady shrieks at Tommy with a hatred so guttural it could make the wallpaper within the dining room soften off. Joanne spews as she unleashes Tommy’s big secret.

For Joanne, it isn’t a lot her brother being gay that bothers her; it’s that it embarrasses her, and that’s one other key reality Foster brings to mild in the film. The holidays turn out to be such a source of tension and stress for families as a end result of everyone seems to be busy exhausting themselves to keep anything upsetting from coming to mild. After all, isn’t the holiday season based on the false notion that everyone loves one another unconditionally, nobody ever makes a misstep, and there is no such thing as imperfection? In maybe the most brutally sincere moment of the movie, Claudia tries to apologize to Joanne. Joanne’s response cuts to the core. “If I simply met you on the road,” Joanne tells her sister, “if you gave me your quantity, I’d throw it away.” Claudia, exasperated and defeated, asks Leo, “When you go house, do you go searching and marvel, ‘Who are these people? Where did I even come from?’ You look at all of them sitting there, you know? They look acquainted, but who the hell are they?”

Jodie Foster’s ‘Home for the Holidays’ Reminds Us Why We Keep Holiday Traditions Alive

The brilliance of Home for the Holidays isn’t simply in the finest way it rips down the facade of the blissfully pleased American family, but in the finest way, in its ultimate act, it additionally reminds us of why family is necessary, even if it doesn’t all the time come neatly wrapped in a package deal with a fairly bow on prime. When Aunt Glady confesses her love for Henry, she mentions three phrases – “one special second.” The one special second that made Glady’s life value living and that retains her returning to her family is the reminiscence of the first time she saw Henry. It was everything to her.

Jodie Foster ends the film with a poignant montage of every member of the Larson family recalling their “one special moment,” accompanied by the gorgeous voice of Nat King Cole singing “The Very Thought of You.” Henry recollects holding his household shut as they watched an impressive 727 jet soar into the air. Adele remembers the first time Henry held her during a bowling date of their youth. Tommy remembers his marriage ceremony on the seaside to Jack. Joanne remembers a playful moment with Walter as they moved into their first residence. And for Claudia, it’s a moment that is occurring in real time, cradled in Leo’s arms as they both head back house on the plane. All the pain, sorrow, and angst. It’s all value it for that one special moment, and it’s why we keep the holiday traditions going.


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