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Armor Wars will now be launched as a movie instead of a Disney Plus series.

The news is smart as recall Armor Wars was absent for some reason from Kevin Feige’s Comic-Con Multiverse Saga announcements but did make its approach to the current D23 Expo with a brand new brand.

“What occurs if Tony Stark’s tech falls into the incorrect hands?” questioned the project at D23.

The details come from THR the place it’s mentioned the change to a film will push Armor Wars again down the event state.

According to the report, Marvel was committed to getting the story right and realized in the course of that going the movie route for Armor Wars is best than releasing the venture as a Disney Plus sequence.

It’s additionally famous Marvel intends to release Armor Wars theatrically.

I actually wouldn’t doubt if Armor Wars basically becomes “Iron Man 4” minus Robert Downey Jr. and I wouldn’t be shocked if the title is modified to “Iron Man: Armor Wars.”

Don Cheadle continues to be connected and will reprise as Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, AKA War Machine.

Yassir Lester, who was the top writer on the sequence, can additionally be stated to be still on onboard as the author.

The flick has no director as of yet and it’s unknown when it’ll begin filming or be launched.

Don Cheadle may even appear within the Secret Invasion Disney Plus sequence subsequent yr.

Armor WarsArmor Wars – new brand

Armor Wars will showcase multiple forms of armor

“Armor Wars” is a title of a storyline within the Iron Man comics, a fairly epic one in that and considered one of my favorites, that sees numerous Iron Man villains utilizing stolen Iron Man tech for their own fits of armor.

So clearly the movie will as a substitute use War Machine because the one who recovers the stolen tech.

THR also adds the sequence was alleged to showcase multiple kinds of armor, which we are in a position to guess will make their way to the film.

A massive bonus the Armor Wars movie now has it’s going to have a a lot greater finances than the Disney Plus present that was going to be a six-episode occasion series.

Obviously, Disney isn’t providing much money to the Marvel shows judging by what the showrunner of She-Hulk had to say in regards to Disney/Marvel telling her to cut the use of She-Hulk because of the particular results in favor of using the human type of Jennifer Walters more to economize.

Regarding Iron Man 4 which didn’t happen, I can recall method back yonder that the explanation the film is said to by no means have happened is that Marvel on the time didn’t wish to pay Robert Downey Jr. some huge cash as Robert Downey Jr. had a backend deal as a half of his initial Iron Man contract that sees him get a cut of the grosses of the films (RDJ was reportedly paid $75 million for Avengers: Endgame).

So we see fitting with Feige’s method to Phase 4 and past, Don Cheadle replaces Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, and don’t forget, Feige can additionally be changing Iron Man with the Riri Williams Ironheart.

Don Cheadle first appeared in Iron Man 2; the three Iron Man movies have grossed over $2 billion.


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