Latest Horror News: Stephen King praises an unnerving new flick while scream queen Samara Weaving returns to the genre


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With another September day gone, the month of October is steadily sneaking up in our rearview mirrors. And, of course, October wouldn’t be half as thrilling without the allure of Halloween and all issues spooky – which includes We Got This Covered’s every day roundup of the latest horror news. Today’s course of stories is highlighted by renowned horror creator Stephen King offering up reward for horror’s newest extravaganza Smile as horror hardcores ultimately decide if a horror movie must be scary to make an influence.

Without further ado, seize a leftover slice of pumpkin pie and a tall glass of milk from the fridge as we jump into today’s horror roundup!

Samara Weaving has set her sights on a model new action-horror

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With memorable roles in cult traditional horror projects similar to The Babysitter and Ready or Not, Australian actress Samara Weaving has undoubtedly established her deserved status as a contemporary scream queen. And if her upcoming inclusion in 2023’s Scream 6 wasn’t sufficient, then her latest forged announcement has guaranteed her triumphant return to the huge spooky style. As of now, details surrounding the upcoming venture have been stored discreet, but horror fans can certainly count on another memorable performance by probably the greatest leading actresses in the style.

Do horror films really need to be scary to succeed?

Toni Collette in HereditaryImage via A24

One of probably the most intriguing elements surrounding the colossal genre is the upcoming doom that an audience is ready to really feel whereas watching a heart-thumping horror movie. However, some horror fanatics are entertaining the idea that maybe a horror movie doesn’t necessarily must be scary to obtain success. In a thought-provoking Reddit thread, horror veterans argued that even much less intense, sci-fi movies tend to be extra horrifying than in-your-face spooky flicks. Just a thought.

Horror legend Stephen King is already a proud admirer of Smile

stephen kingMario Tama / Getty Images

Without a doubt, Stephen King is doubtless one of the most recognizable names on the earth of horror. And whereas a lot of his novels have been remodeled into memorable tv and film adaptations, King has been known to enterprise out and supply plenty of reward for others’ work. From Yellowjackets to Kleo, King is always lively with encouraging phrases over on his Twitter account. This time, the 75-year-old author is vouching for Smile — the newest horror flick in the ever-popular genre that has left plenty of moviegoers unsettled. And with a promising head nod from a legend like King, it’s secure to say that Smile is already a must-watch treat.

Check again here tomorrow, gore-heads, on your every day serving to of horror information.


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