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11.4CH Denon AVR-X3800H AV Receiver: The Ultimate Budget Preamp?

Although summer season 2020 was a time most of us would like to neglect, one of the shiny spots (audio wise at least) was Denon’s launch of the worlds first 8K ready AV receivers.  We mentioned of the AVR-X6700H: “For $2,500 you get (out of the box) 11 channels of amplification (140wpc x 11) and 13 channels of processing, 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz video, 8K upscaling, and all the newest HDMI performance. Gamers will love the 120Hz refresh fee together with different features to scale back lag time.”

In 2020 Denon hedged their bets that audioholics would be spending more time at home, in front of the TV, and made their receivers heavy on the visual facet of new improvements. We agreed and thought that other AV receiver firms would comply with go nicely with. Shortly after, Marantz launched their own 8K receivers and we’re seeing the development persevering with via at present with Arcam releasing an 8K receiver in August, 2022.

Now, Denon is ahead of the competition again in 2022, releasing SEVEN new 8K AV receivers with enhancements we think will outline what we see from other audio firms within the near future.

our new lineup, Denon has an AVR that’s excellent for every shopper and
every distinctive utility. Leveraging our brand heritage as an trade chief in both home
theater and Hi-Fi, Denon has achieved a degree of performance, build
quality and general value that merely cannot be matched.

–Trip Randall, Denon president.

The new receivers are “meticulously tuned by a
Denon Sound Master” and combines popular 3D codecs similar to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X-IMAX Enhanced and Auro 3D, along with Dolby Surround, DTS:X. Most Denon AVRs
characteristic HEOS built-in know-how to assist a multi-room set-up, so you can stream your favorite music, podcasts or sports activities to other HEOS


AVR-A1H rear

The AVR-A1H is the most recent in Denon’s class-leading “A-Series” of receivers,
designed to deliver the last word home-theater experience. With 15
channels of amplification (150wpc x 15), Denon’s strongest transformer, carefully
selected parts, and hefty, high-rigidity building, the flagship
AVR-A1H is designed to deliver “an expert theater expertise in your house cinema”. By the numbers, the AVR-A1H is rated to fill large rooms with 3D sound, however essentially the most intriguing options might get ignored by a cursory glace on the specifications. This receiver looks to be a beast tipping the scale at 70lbs. It’s a good 15lbs heavier than the prior AVR-X8500H or A110 models that had 13 channels of amplification. The AVR-A1H is paying homage to the venerable AVR-5805 100lb monster (170wpc x 10) from yesteryear that Gene DellaSala nonetheless has fond memories of being the most effective AV receiver he is ever examined or owned. Will the AVR-A1H stay up to this standard? We shall find out in a formal review. Like the AVR-5805, the AVR-A1H is constructed in their premier Shirakawa manufacturing facility in Japan. Denon appears to be carrying over an analogous linear Class AB amplifier design from the AVR-X8500h as they haven’t yet plunged into Class D amplification for his or her AVR’s like they just lately have with sister firm Marantz and their new 16CH separates – the AV 10 and AMP 10.

The biggest new features launched for the top three fashions (A1H, X4800, and X3800) is the improve to Dirac Live room correction. Contributing author Jacob Green says of Dirac Live, “no software resolution that I’ve experienced does a greater job than Dirac Live”.

Dirac Live works by analyzing measurements made with a microphone at a quantity of positions clustered round the principle listening place. It then finds and corrects points within the time domain that had been frequent in all measurements. Reflective acoustic power may be significantly decreased in favor of direct sound, and this can provide the tip sound a lot greater readability and less coloration. After the decay instances have been reduced, Dirac Live then goes to work on the frequency response to shore up issues with out damaging time domain corrections. The result’s a flatter response throughout all listening positions with far quicker decay times.

–James Larson, Contributing author, Audioholics

The top three receivers come in the box with Audyssey room correction put in, and the Dirac Live upgrade might be supplied with a
future software program update.


The different massive improve to the highest two receivers (A1H and X4800H) is the  inclusion of FOUR independent subwoofer outs. We are always preaching the more subs the better in a home theater system (particularly two to four) for a wide range of reasons corresponding to; smoother bass response throughout a wider listening space and increased dynamic vary. Now Denon has made it simpler than ever.

X- Series

AVR-X4800HAVR-X4800H rear

AVR-X4800H: This 9.4
channel AV receiver, powering 125W per channel, to ship 3D
audio and high-definition video up to 8K. With 9
channels of amplification and up to four impartial subwoofers, Dolby
Atmos and DTS:X plus IMAX Enhanced and Auro 3D, this unit would also be rated for giant
rooms for theater-quality sound. The X4800 may also help Dirac Live
upgradability with a future software program update.

AVR-X3800H: Powering
105W per channel, the Denon AVR-X3800H is a 9.4 channel 8K AV receiver. The X3800 will
additionally help Dirac Live upgradability with a future software update. This will be the best reasonably priced preamp/processor by utilizing the preamp disconnect feature you can have as a lot as 11 channels of unpolluted preamp outputs (up to 4Vrms) and 4 independent sub outs for under $1,700.

Designed to fill medium-sized rooms with 7.2 channel s
and 95W per channel. The Denon AVR-X2800H consists of
elevated HDMI 2.1 connectivity with three 8K inputs, which leads to
supporting higher video decision and refresh rates.  

The Denon AVR-X580BT presents an entry-level AV receiver for these trying
to enhance their residence theater set up. This highly effective 5.2 channel AVR
provides 70W per channel.


AVR-S570BT S570BT rear

AVR-S970H: Offering 90W per
channel energy, the Denon AVR-S970H 7.2 channel AV receiver consists of
three 8K inputs, leading to an increased HDMI 2.1 connectivity and
delivers help of upper video resolution and refresh charges.

For film lovers trying to take the first step in upgrading their house
theater experience or those who want higher quality sound in a smaller
space, this highly effective 5.2 channel AVR, with 70W per channel, is the
good entry-level accompaniment to any users’ set-up. The Denon
AVR-S570BT is out there in North America solely.

What We Think…

The inclusion of Dirac Live and four subwoofer outs within the prime fashions is certainly a HUGE deal, nevertheless, the news that stands out to me are the two lowest model Denon receivers. At $400, the AVR-S570BT and AVR-X580BT are two of the most inexpensive, but advanced receivers out there today. With 8K video, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for clean, lag-free gaming, the 2 lowest fashions could be the greatest news from Denon. Best of all, ALL fashions assist HDMI 2.1 with up to 40GBPS on EVERY input, not just one input like outgoing fashions.

For extra information on the whole Denon product line and market availability, go to

Unless in any other case indicated, it is a preview article for the featured product. A formal evaluate may or could not observe sooner or later.

gene posts on September 23, 2022 00:34

lovinthehd, submit: 1573844, member: 61636
Gene, curious, any difference in new possession you could comment on as to the means it has affected this brand?
I don’t see any difference from new possession up to now. They are cranking out extra new product than ever which is an effective factor. Meeting with the entire Sound United crew at CEDIA next week. Looking forward!

lovinthehd posts on September 22, 2022 22:58

gene, submit: 1573843, member: 4348
It’s official now. More news coming at CEDIA finish of subsequent week:

Gene, curious, any distinction in new possession that you could comment on as to how it has affected this brand?

lovinthehd posts on September 22, 2022 22:28

ryanosaur, post: 1573841, member: 86393
I assume that is what I saw on the website, too.
Kinda makes me wonder what the everyday readers of Forbes may think….

ryanosaur posts on September 22, 2022 22:23

lovinthehd, publish: 1573836, member: 61636
(assume 8 vs 6 ohm of some sort)
I assume that is what I saw on the internet site, too.


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