Stephen King shares his uniquely uncommon idea for a ‘Predator’ crossover


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Stephen King is thought to pepper lots of his works with references and Easter Eggs that nod in the direction of his personal again catalogue, whereas the Predator franchise is not any stranger to crossovers of its own across movie, video games, comic books, and different forms of media. We’re not anticipating the 2 to meet any time soon, however the legendary writer has a suggestion nonetheless.

The King enterprise is extra booming than it’s ever been, with literally dozens of adaptations in the works for screens each big and small, however the prolific writer has opted to throw out a pitch to his tens of millions of Twitter followers that’s so insane, we type of wish to see it occur for the sole cause it will present an unbridled shot of unmitigated craziness.

How about this for a movie idea? CHILDREN OF THE CORN VS. PREDATOR. You’d just want the best star.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) August 13, 2022

Children of the Corn follows a couple who end up in an isolated city in Nebraska that’s populated totally by kids, however additionally they occur to be part of a homicidal cult that worship a terrifying demonic entity that purportedly lives within the local cornfields. Throw in an extraterrestrial trophy hunter with a penchant for monitoring the deadliest sport, and we might be onto a winner.

Of course, King’s left-field crossover does go away us with plenty of questions. Would the Predator be searching the corn demon, or would it be revealed as the demon itself? Would the creepy youngsters be associates or allies? Would it observe the broad story beats of the assorted Children of the Corn motion pictures, or would it be a Predator flick with added vegetation?

All of those questions remain unanswered, so let’s hope King is placing pen to paper as we communicate to flesh it out.


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